SIU Debating Club

SIU Debate Club is one of the most popular and most successful clubs in Sylhet International University. Established in 2001, the first club of SIU has since won the highest number of trophies for SIU. SIU Debate Club has been officially entrusted with the responsibility of putting SIU on the map as a regular participant in the National Debate tournaments and over the years we have had remarkable successes. SIUDC has successfully organised a Inter-Collage debate championship and three Inter-Semester Debate Competition in last few years. Currently,SIUDC is the good ranking team among the all teams our Country, which proves the club's supremacy over this form of art. On a local note, SIUDC has been achieving brilliant results over the last few years, in Bangla Debate. The club has a robust culture of Bengali debate. We have had the honor of reaching to the top of many reputed national tournaments and day by day our efforts to be the best bengali team seems closer to reality. The club has the following objectives: Participate in the Debate tournaments, inside and outside Bangladesh. Organize seminars, workshops on various agendas in collaboration with various corporate giants. Organize Inter and Intra University Debate and Public Speaking Contests. Maintain liaison with the corporate sector as well as the cultural groups, within and beyond SIU. Connect With Us :

Executive Committee