Founder Chairman

Mr. Kutubuddin Ahmed with his family members and some respectable associates set up in 2001 Gulshan Foundation for Education Development (GFED) an altruistic organization devoted to the socio-economic and education development of the society in Sylhet. The first project of GFED was Sylhet International University (SIU) which was established in November 2001. Thus Mr. Kutubuddin Ahmed became the founder Chairman of the Trustee Board of SIU and continued his efforts in developing SIU until he retired on 30.10.2009 on health grounds giving the charge to his own nephew Mr. Shamim Ahmed.

Mr. Kutubuddin Ahmed is a businessman and realtor by profession. As his business acumen has given him success in the real estate of business, so has his philanthropy earned him great respect and love from the people at large. Prior to his great contribution in establishing Sylhet International University, Mr. Kutubuddin Ahmed worked hand in hand with his brother late Moinuddin Ahmed in establishing a girls’ college named Adarsha Moinuddin Mohila College situated on land contributed by their noble family. Mr. Kutubuddin Ahmed is an amiable person who always pleases his acquaintances. Particularly he has great love and respect for teachers and educationists. During the time when he was Chairman of the Trustee Board, Mr. Kutubuddin met may dignitaries like Ministers, Ambassadors and foreign delegates. Mr. Kutubuddin personally went to the Gonobhabon to meet the President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh to get his Excellency’s approval for the 1st convocation of SIU. On the occasion of the 1st convocation of SIU, Mr. Kutubuddin graced the dias with other dignitaries and delivered his remarkable speech.

Mr. Kutubuddin studies history on his own. He is a voracious reader and has a collection of race books. While talking to his visitors he impresses them by his knowledge.

Sylhet International University will always remember Mr. Kutubuddin Ahmed as its founder Chairman of the Trustee Board.