Message From Dean, Faculty of Law

Professor Md.Monir Uddin

Dean, Faculty of Law

Ever since opening its doors in 2004, the Faculty of Law has been one of the leading academic departments for studying law in Bangladesh. The alumni of our undergraduate program are appointed to important roles in the legal profession, as well as in the government and the private sector. Our department is well equipped for pursuing this goal. Our faculty members represent the best minds in their disciplines and come from a wide range of backgrounds. They cover not only the contemporary issues but also the history and the philosophy of law. In our department, research is integral to teaching, and we offer a wide variety of academic training based on the highest level of research for both undergraduate and graduate students.

We encourage our students to actively participate in the courses and seminars offered each semester. Our university has one of the best academic libraries in the country, and we hope that the students would find numerous books and articles that would be useful for enhancing their knowledge of law. We also expect our undergraduate students to utilize the opportunities for studying abroad, and our graduate students to fully utilize the department’s academic resources, so that they may acquire the knowledge and expertise necessary for their future careers. Finally, let me emphasize that the quality of academic training at our department crucially depends on the quality of research by our faculty. In recent years, Bangladeshi universities have been forced to adapt to an increasingly difficult environment due to changing expectations for academic research as well as the tightening of fiscal constraints. Our department is no exception to this trend, and our choice is to enrich our training by advancing our research. We look forward to your advice, support, and guidance.