Computer Science and Engineering

Front view of Information office and computer lab First Convocation Ceremony at SIU!



Now-a-days, computer science has the potential of offering solutions, such as e-education, e-learning, e-commerce added to the generally accepted e-mail as a means of fast communication. These are recent solutions provided by the subject of Computer Science.
The objective of the degree is to produce a well-rounded and well-balanced graduate who can use Computer Science tools to solve real world problems.
The Bachelor Degree in CSE consists of general education courses, mathematics courses, business foundation courses, computer core courses, computer project work, computer elective courses and a thesis. Each student is required to successfully complete a minimum of 136 credit hours to graduate. The Computer Science and Engineering department provides extensive computing resources for research and education. This includes Software Lab, Computer Lab, a large number of General Computer Lab systems.
The student is required to take courses of 160credits. The remaining 3 credits will be made up of project submission. A student may also be required to take remedial and supplementary non-credit courses to improve study skills, presentation and communication skills.

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