MBA (2 year)

Department Of Business Administration (Click Here For Detailed Syllabus)
First Year: Semester I
Course No. Course Title
ENG-501 Managerial Communication 3
ACN-501 Financial Accountings 3
FIN-502 Banking and Insurance 3
MSC-501 Quantitative analysis for Business Decisions 3
MGT-501 Organization and Management 3
Total 15
First Year: Semester II
Course No. Course Title
HRM-502 Strategic Human Resource Management/Advanced Human Resource Management 3
MSC-502 Business Research Method 3
FIN-501 Managerial Finance 3
MKT-501 Marketing Management 3
MIS-501 Management Information System 3
Total 15
Second Year: Semester I
Course No. Course Title
ECN-501 Managerial Economics 3
ACN-502 Advanced Management Accounting 3
FRL-501 Legal Environment of Business 3
MIS-502 Management Science 3
MKT-502 Strategic Marketing Management 3
Total 15
Second Year: Semester II
Course No. Course Title
MGT-601 Strategic Management and Case Analyses 3
MBA-600 Comprehensive Viva Voce 3
MBA-602 Internship / Project (12 Weeks + 4 Weeks ) 3
MKT-602 Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy 3
MKT-603 Marketing Rasearch for Managers 3
MKT-604 Advertising & Promotion Management / Integrated Advertising, Promotion and Marketing Communication 3
MKT-605 International Marketing Strategy 3
MKT-607 Services Marketing / Integrated Service Marketing 3
MKT-608 Physical Distribution Management 3
MKT-609 Product and Brand Management 3
MKT-610 Marketing Communication 3
MKT-611 Marketing of Social Products 3
MKT-613 Logistics and Supply Chain Management 3
ACN-601 Accounting Ethics & Professionalism 3
ACN-602 Advanced Management Accounting 3
ACN-603 Cost Accounting for Managerical Decision 3
ACN-604 Computerized Accounting System 3
ACN-605 Accounting for Managerical Control 3
ACN-606 Audition & Taxation 3
ACN-607 Advanced Financial Accounting 3
ACN-608 Corporate Tax Planning 3
ACN-609 Corporate Financial Reporting and Standard Financial Analysis 3
ACN-610 Accounting Information System 3
ACN-611 Advanced Auditing 3
ACN-612 Advanced Accounting Theory 3
FIN-601 Corporate Finance 3
FIN-602 Advanced Financial Management 3
FIN-603 Portfolio Management 3
FIN-604 International Financial Management 3
FIN-605 Capital Budgeting and Investment Analysis 3
FIN-606 Management of Banks and Financial Institutions 3
MIS-601 Advanced Management Information System 3
MIS-603 System Analyses and Design 3
FIN-607 Management of Insurance Business 3
MIS-607 Database Management System 3
MIS-605 Data Structures and Algorithms 3
FIN-609 Corporate Governance 3
MIS-609 E-Commerce and Web Page Design 3
FIN-611 Public Finance Management 3
FIN-613 International Banking 3
MIS-611 Computer Networking and Data Communication 3
MIS-613 Data Mining 3
FIN-615 Advanced Derivative Management 3
MIS-615 Enterprise Resource Planning 3
FIN-617 Risk Management of Financial Institutions 3
MIS-617 Decision Support and Expert System 3
FIN-619 Electronic Banking 3
MIS-619 Application Development Using Oracle 3
MIS-620 e – CRM 3
MIS-621 Internet Marketing 3
MIS-623 Supply Chain Management 3
MGT-602 Organization Decision Making 3
MIS-625 Management of Technology 3
MGT-603 Business Strategy and Policy 3
MGT-604 Values & Ethics in Management 3
HRM-601 Strategic Human Resource Management 3
HRM-602 Performance Management 3
MGT-605 Project Appraisal & Management 3
HRM-603 Career Planning and Development 3
MGT-606 Environmental Management 3
HRM-604 Leadership, Power and Influence 3
MGT-607 NGO Operation & Management 3
HRM-605 Managerial Negotitation 3
MGT-608 International Management 3
HRM-606 Human Resource Planning 3
MGT-609 Comparative Management System 3
HRM-607 Industrial Relations in a Global Economy 3
HRM-608 Organization Conflict Management 3
MGT-610 Organizational Development & Change 3
HRM-609 Compensative Management 3
MGT-611 Management of Service Organizations 3
HRM-610 Human Resource Development 3
MGT-612 System Management 3
MGT-613 Public Service Management 3
MGT-614 Logistics and Supply Chain Management 3
MGT-615 Technology Strategy for Managers and Entrepreneurs 3
MGT-616 Innovation Management 3
MGT-617 Quality Management 3
MGT-618 E-Business and E-Commerce Management 3
MGT-619 Hospital Management 3
MGT-621 Foodservice Management 3
MGT-623 Hospitality Management 3
MGT-625 Tourism & Hospitality Management 3
Total 249
Third Year: Semester I
Course No. Course Title
Third Year: Semester II
Course No. Course Title
Fourth Year: Semester I
Course No. Course Title
Fourth Year: Semester II
Course No. Course Title