Message From Head Of The Department Of English

Mr. Md. Jakaria Habib

Head & Assistant Professor

Welcome to the website of The Department of English at Sylhet International University. As language is the key to knowledge, culture and civilization, it represents a bridge of communication with others. Undoubtedly, English is a worldwide Language, and consequently English Language learning has become an urgent requirement to cope with globalization, and exchange the culture between different civilizations. In fact, the Department of English is considered as one of the leading Departments of the School of Humanities of SIU. It offers the B.A. Honours and M.A.in English programmes and teaches students according to an academic plan and wide-ranging curriculum of language and literature which combines comprehensiveness and depth in dealing with knowledge in all of the English language skills in order to hone the language skills of students.

The Department of English has a long-term vision and mission and big ambitions inspired by the aspiration of Sylhet International University to be in the top of the most important academic institutions in the world. The Department of English in the School of Humanities of Sylhet International University is doing its best to serve this language and literary skills in terms of instruction, research and innovation. Since its inception, in September 2004 in Fall Semester of that year, the Department saves no effort in developing its programme that would fit the needs of the society and the developments of literary knowledge in the world. We are confident that we are going ahead in adopting a learning environment capable of preparing and qualifying graduates who are able to face the challenges innovatively and creatively.