Department Of Business Administration (Click Here For Detailed Syllabus)
First Year: Semester I
Course No. Course Title
ACN-111 Financial Accounting -1 3
BUS-101 Introduction to Business 3
HUM-101 English 1: Oral and Written Communication Skills 3
HUM-111 Bangladesh Studies:(a) Bangladesh Economy (b) Bangladesh Histoy 4
CSE-100 Computer Application in Business 3
MIS-100 Computer Application In Business 3
Total 19
First Year: Semester II
Course No. Course Title
HUM-103 English II: Language Composition and Comprehension 3
CAN-211 Financial Accounting-II 3
BMT-201 Business Mathematics 3
FIN-205 Principles of Banking 3
CSE-101 Introduction to Natural Science: (a) Physical Science (b)Biological Science 4
CVV-100 Comprehensive Viva 1 1
ACN-211 Financial Accounting-II 3
INS-101 Introduction to Natural Science 4
PSY-101 Introduction to Psychology 3
FRL-205 Principle Of Banking 3
Total 30
Second Year: Semester I
Course No. Course Title
BCN-201 Business Comunication 3
ECN-111 Principles of Microeconomics 3
MGT-201 Principles of Management 3
MGT-203 Organization Behavior 3
MIS-201 Business Statistics-1 3
MHR-203 Organizational Behavior 3
MHR-201 Principles of Management 3
ACN-201 Management Accounting 3
ECN-201 Business Communication 3
Total 27
Second Year: Semester II
Course No. Course Title
MIS-203 Business Statistics-II 3
CAN-213 Management Accounting 3
BLW-201 Business Law 3
MKT-201 Introduction to Marketing 3
MGT-205 Business Environment 3
ECN-211 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
CVV-200 Comprehensive Viva 2 1
ACN-213 Management Accounting 3
FRL-201 Business Law 3
FRL-206 Business Environment 3
MGT-206 Business Environment 3
Total 31
Third Year: Semester I
Course No. Course Title
FIN-301 Principles of Finance 3
MKT-301 Marketing Management 3
MGT-301 Human Resources Management 3
MGT-303 Production and Risk Management 3
CVV-300 Comprehensive Viva 3 1
FIN 305 Insurance and Risk Management 3
FRL-301 Principles Of Finance 3
MHR-301 Human Resource Management 3
FRL-302 Insurance & Risk Management 3
IMG-301 Production Management 3
FIN-302 Risk and Insurance Management 3
Total 31
Third Year: Semester II
Course No. Course Title
IBS-301 International Business 3
MGT-305 Enterpreneurship and Small Business Management 3
FIN-303 Financial Management 3
MIS-303 Introduction to MIS 3
MIS-305 Operation Research 3
FRL-303 Financial Management 3
MHR-303 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management 3
MHR-304 Operation Research 3
MIS-304 Management Information System 3
Total 27
Fourth Year: Semester I
Course No. Course Title
MIS-401 Business Research
MGT-401 Strategic Management
ACN-401 Cost Accounting
ACN-403 Taxation
ACN-405 Auditing
ACN-407 Advanced Accounting/ Advanced Financial Accounting
ACN-409 Accounting Information System
ACN-411 Accounting Theory
ACN-413 Accounting for govt. and Non-profit Organizations
ACN-421 Financial Statement Analysis/Financial Analysis and Control
FIN-403 Public Finance and Taxation Practices
FIN-405 Capital Budgeting
FIN-423 Company Law
FIN-407 international Finance
FIN-409 Financial Institutions
FIN-415 Real Estate Principles
FIN-411 Banking and Insurance Management
FIN-413 Investment Management
FIN-419 Protfolio Management
FIN-421 Financial Analysis and Control
FIN-425 Working Capital Management
FIN-427 Money and Monetary Policy
FIN-429 Financial Planning and Strategy
FIN-430 E-Commerce and E-Banking
FIN-431 Bank Fund Management
FIN-437 Financial Derivatives
MKT-401 Consumer Behavior
MKT-403 Advertising
MKT-405 Selling and Sales Management
MKT-407 International Marketing
MKT-409 Introduction to Marketing Research
MKT-411 Brand Management
MKT-413 Business Logistics
MKT-415 Retail Management
MKT-417 Introduction to Strategic Marketing
MKT-419 Industrial Marketing
MKT-421 Service Marketing
MKT-422 Marketing of Agriculture Product
MKT-423 Export and Import Management
MKT-424 Pricing Theory and Practices
MKT-425 Marketing Communication
MGT-413 Enterpreneurship Development
MGT-423 International Management
MGT-427 Administrative Planning & Control
MGT-429 Organization Theory and Design
MGT-431 Managerial Planning
MGT-403 Principles of Total Quality Management
MGT-417 Investment Analysis & Management
MGT-421 Comparative Management
MGT-425 Advanced Organization Theory & Behavior
MGT-435 Industrial Management
MGT-405 Materials Management
MGT-407 Productivity Management
MGT-409 Production Planning and Inventory Control
MGT-411 Management Science Applications in Operations
MGT-415 Quantitative analysis for Decision Making
MGT-419 Oparations Research
HRM-403 Human Resource Planning
HRM-405 Compensation Management
HRM-407 Industrial Law and Labor Management
HRM-409 Traning and Development Management
HRM-411 Industrial Psychology
HRM-413 Strategic Human Resource Management
HRM-415 Labor Economics
HRM-417 Advanced Human Resource Management
HRM-419 Industrial Relations
HRM-421 Human Resource Practice in Bangladesh
HRM-423 International Human Resource Management
HRM-425 Conflict Management
ECN-401 Comparative Economic System
FIN-441 International Finance
FIN-443 Legal Environment of International Business
IBS-417 Analytical Study of International Trade Agreement
ECN-403 International Economics
IBS-411 Global Business Strategy
IBS-413 Country Risk Analysis
IBS-415 International Competitiveness
IBS-419 Foreign Trade of Bangladesh
MIS-403 Software Engineering
MIS-405 Decission Support System (DSS)
MIS-407 Data Communication and Network for Business
MIS-409 Data Structures and Algorithms
MIS-411 Advanced Computer Programming
MIS-413 System Analysis and Design
MIS-415 Database Management and Development
MIS-417 Local Area Networking
MIS-419 E-Commerce and Web Programming
MIS-421 Multimedia System Design
ENG-411 Technology Management in MIS
MHR-401 Stategic Management
FRL-403 Public Finance Taxation Practices
FRL-421 Financial Analysis and Control
FRL-425 Working Capital Management
FRL-411 Bank Fund Management
FRL-409 Financial Institute and Market
MGT-402 Project Management
Total 0
Fourth Year: Semester II
Course No. Course Title
BBA-400 Internship Program (12 Weeks+ 4 Week)
CVV-401 Comprehensive Viva Voce
CVV-400 Comprehansive Viva Voce
MGT-408 Hospitality & Tourism Management
MGT-422 Performance Management
Total 0